For more than 10 years, there are various companies trust to use our chemicals continuously for more than 100 places, focusing on services by a team of knowledgeable talent. And have experience by taking into account the type of material and equipment of the system Performance Considering safety and the environment.

Filter Media

  • Anthracite / Sand Filter
  • Manganese Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Ion Exchanged Resin

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

  • Anti-Scalant for membrane surface of Reverse Osmosis System (ANTI SCALE R-01)
  • Microbiological Control for Reverse Osmosis System (CHEMTREAT CB-804)

Cleaning Chemicals

  • Acid base cleaning agents contain with acid corrosion inhibitor (CHEMTECH SRB-102)
  • Cleaning agent for air fin coil, dewatering filter (CHEMTECH NC-110)
  • Acid base cleaning agent, low corrosive for copper and stainless steel materials (CHEMTECH SC-220)

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Boiler compound for scale inhibitor (Food Grade) (CHEMTREAT BS-201)
  • Oxygen Scavenger (Food Grade) (CHEMTREAT BC-508)
  • Boiler compound for scale and corrosion inhibitor (Food Grade)(CHEMTREAT CF-7100)
  • Oxygen Scavenger (CHEMTREAT DH-105)
  • Corrosion inhibitor for steam and condensate line (CHEMTREAT BC-405)

Cooling Tower, Evaporative (Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals)

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitor for high alkalinity and hardness (CHEMTREAT CT-701)
  • Scale and corrosion inhibitor for low hardness and high salinity (CHEMTREAT CT-512)
  • Slime Control and biocide, slime remover (CHEMTREAT CB-801)
  • Slime Control and biocide, slime remover (CHEMTREAT CB-803)

Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Corrosion inhibitor for close loop system (CHEMTREAT CL-100)

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

  • Special organic compound to remove suspended solid, oil and soluble (CHEMTECH WP-100)
  • Heavy metal scavenger (CHEMTECH HM-R1)
  • Anionic Polymer floculant (CHEMFLOC A-200)
  • Cationic Polymer (CHEMFLOC C-100)
  • Nonionic Polymer (CHEMFLOC N-150)


Other Chemical

  • Cleaning agent for cationic exchanged resin contaminated with iron oxide (CHEMTECH RN-A03)
  • Corrosion inhibitor for cleaning process with acid (CHEMTECH BH-I50)
  • Surface conditioner for ion and copper material after acid cleaning (CHEMTECH NH-9)

Water System

  • Solftener
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant