About us

En-Science Development Co., Ltd. was established on October 27, 2006 conduct its business in selling and service for water treatment chemicals which implement for Steam Boiler Systems, Open Cooling System, Closed Chiller System, Wastewater System and Filter Medias. Our quality products are acquired from selected suppliers in America, England, Germany, Japan and Thailand. In addition we also provide full services in Cleaning, Inspection of Water Treatment System and issue a Guarantee certificate by certified engineer.

         En-Science Development Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of chemicals to meet the needs of customer. We provide attentive after-sales service to maximize your profit and satisfaction. Over the pass 10 years experience, we had the opportunities to serve a wide range of customer in a various field such as food, paper industries also in hospital and hotel field. We serve recommend and solve many action by team of skilled and experienced personnel as well.


Our ambition is to be the leader in the water treatment chemical business with our highly efficient products, wonderful service for our customers’ utmost satisfaction,and intelligent management that is environmentally friendly and community conscious.


  • We sell customized water treatment chemicals along with consultation and analysis services for factories, hotels, and hospitals.
  • We provide superior products and services to completely satisfy our customers.
  • We are fully prepared to manage your company’s water treatment system.
  • We consider saving your company water and fuel expenses as primary factors in selecting the proper technology and materials for your specific system.
  • We care about our environment and our community. We use products that are friendly to the environment.

Core Values

  • HONESTY: We do business straight. We earn our customers’ trust.
  • COMMITMENT: We plan and then work following the plan we have promised to our customers.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We continuously update and develop our technology to provide optimum results for our customers.
  • CARE: We care for our staff, environment, and community. We believe that using resources of high quality and value will provide our customers with satisfaction of maximum duration.


  • 2019 – Continued Growth
  • 2018 – Certified NSF
  • 2017 – Received ISO:2015
  • 2014 – Relocated Company Headquarters to current site
  • 2010 – Initiated our Service Engineer Team
  • 2008 – Founded our unique En-Science Service Team
  • 2006 – Inception of Business